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A website would be incomplete without a Testimonials section. It makes my day to receive such mails and shows that we are doing something right! It shows that members are happy. It shows that they are progressing with their trading. All is good with the world!

There are about 50 Testimonials here but I could add 2, 3, 4, 5 times that number and many more. Be assured that NONE of these Testimonials have been manufactured as is so obviously the case on some sites. I have added the headlines. At Black Dog we would not stoop so low.


Hi Dave

Just wanted to drop a note and wish you and your family a Happy Holiday season. I am so grateful that I ran across the Black Dog community. I think I have been a member for about two and a half years. People like yourself, Andrew, and Samuel have really opened my eyes to what trading is all about. I'm doing better each and every month and still learning. Anyway, don't know if you get enough thanks for what you have provided.

It's not just the "system" but the continual education and sharing of ideas from other good traders on the forum. You probably get lots of complaints from unmotivated people who are looking for a get rich scheme or an easy way to make money so I wanted to make sure you at least get one positive email in your box (hopefully that's not the case). Thanks again Dave

Merry Christmas Stu (UK)

Thank You

Dear Dave, I thank God who convinced me enough to passed through hurdle of payment method to purchased Black Dog. I have been reading your web site as far back as 2009 when I was about to give up on forex trading. I first find out about Black Dog on Jeff Wilde web site and since there is no credit card to make the payment, I forgot about it.

Today, God has given me every reason to thank you for your good work and also every member of the BD forum. I read most of the articles in the forum but I am not the type that like posting often. I have been able to racked 400 pips from the market with the Black Dog help of BD. BD has really compliment my strategy.

I would have love to attached my statement of account from FXDD broker but I do not know if it will be against your policy. Less I forget to mention this, I racked this pips on real account not demo.

Thank you very much

From Nigeria. Ola M O


Hi Dave

Thank you for making the Dogs available to the general public and creating this great forum. I started trading the Dogs this week using microlots with real money, and it's unbelievable (trade history below) just how good they are.

Today alone I cleaned up with 3 trades for around 66 pips. I must start posting more of these trades into my journal. By the way it's just like you said, trade the one time frame and you start to get a feel for it.  Once again, you're a good man Dave for making "the Dogs" available and creating this great forum.

Kind regards

Nick (chart attached)


Hi Dave,

I've spent most of this weekend glued to the BD manuals and am so far vvv impressed. I'm going to take my time and re-read everything again maybe two or three more times as almost everything is leaping out at me.

I've got to be honest Dave and tell you though that I'm struggling to remember when something last made me sit up and take notice quite like the Dogs.




Good morning Dave,

Just to let you know that I am devouring everything piece by piece.

I want to thank you for your dedication and perseverance in developing and sharing all the fruits of your many hours of labor in developing this system as well as having the patience to get us all off to a right start.

It's AMAZING that someone like you still exists in this rough trading world. Can't say thanks enough - but THANKS

Mike - US

Sincere thanks

I just wanted to say hello... and that I'm continually grateful for your hard work and diligence. 

Black Dog is the absolute best - BAR NONE.

It's one thing to have people attracted to something but it's quite another for them to remain. To me, that says all that needs to be said about you.

Again... my sincerest thanks.

Best Regards

Billy (Ark) - US

Onwards & Upwards


You helped me to set up my charts and I had my first trade today on cable which netted me £25 @ £1 per pip. The price went up much higher but I am really pleased with the gain. I hope to have many more trades like that one.

I wanted to say thanks for your generosity of spirit in so willing to help me and thank you for your time.

Onwards and upwards

Thanks Eric Mc - UK

A Godsend

I bought Black Dog two days ago and started trading yesterday. I earned substantial profits already. I am determined to donate part of my profits to the earthquake victims although my area had virtually no damage.

I just let Black Dog work for me.

Anyhow, Black Dog appears to be a Godsend to me!


Great support

Hello again Dave,

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me.

I'm most impressed by the level of customer support you are giving, and I must say that from personal experience in trading, that is unusual. I know it must take up a lot of your time to solve problems for the whole of your membership and also continue to trade - so very well done and the best of wishes.

Best regards

Doug - UK


Hi Dave, Thanks a lot for your mail. I see what you mean about it being rather daunting at first and am still studying.... I think it's utterly fantastic how you have developed this system and how you are explaining it.

The tech stuff fills me with dread, if I do need help I will let you know next week and perhaps we can organise it then.

Cyril - UK

Excellent reputation

Just to elaborate a little more. I have just been caught up in the XXX XXX XXX and, although I have cancelled my subscription to what seemed a complete shambles, I really do want to learn how to trade properly from your years of experience.

Wherever I searched the trail always led back to Black Dog. You have a well-deserved reputation and, without being cheesy, I am so glad I took the plunge and joined you. Looking forward to the future.


Cyril - UK

It seriously works!

Hi Dave, Your system has really given me structure in my trading but the best bit is that the flipping thing seriously works!!!

Lots of systems have helped me over the years but I have never been able to truly say that the flipping thing seriously works to anyone.

Kind regards

Brian M - UK

PS A little drunk tonight but it's Christmas.


Hi Dave, I'm a new member of your Black Dog family and we haven't met or spoken via Skype yet. That's mainly because I want to absorb as much as I can before I feel the need to bother you. The reason for this email is just to say a huge thank you not only for your brilliantly simple system but also for the incredible online community you have inspired and created.

I feel that I've arrived home with Black Dog.

Quite wondrous and marvellous. A very sincere and huge thank you. I'm looking forward to a pipful future!!


Liz - UK


Hi Dave, indeed it has. I gained +441 pips this week so far and there is still one more day to go. I have paid thousands of dollars over the years for all kinds of trading systems. $2000 for a single system, and bought two such systems. I have bought many $200- $500 systems, but I no longer use them. All I use now is your system. It beats all of them because it keeps it simple. It just makes things so visually clear.

I am thankful for finding you and am thankful that you have shared it.

Samuel - US

[Samuel again] I love it. The value  for the Black Dog system just keeps getting better and better. It beats anything else I have seen.

Thanks again

Hi Dave

Just wanted to thank you for all the great work you have done with the BD system and the website. Great education for me.

I have been making trades you have described with great success.

I have been trading for about 5 years and this is the first time I have really been profitable, and I mean profitable.

Thanks again

Stuart - UK


Hi Dave

Got the BD set up without any problems.

I simply have to write you and say I am amazed at the accuracy of the SES arrows when traded with the main trend.

Thanks for a great product and made a small win yesterday hoping it's the first of many more to come I'm sure.

Thanks Dave, your product has given me hope that I can actually succeed as a trader in due course - maybe even become a full timer. Best regards

David K - UK


Hi Dave,

Getting to know the system. Grabbed 78 pips total today. One lost of 6 pips only. 6 trade, 5 winners and 1 lost. 

Yesterday, 9 trades, 8 winners and 1 lost.

Amazing, just amazing. I still have to learn to get out of the market after 6 trades. I need more discipline in that area.

Thank you again for the system, I'm XXXXX in the Trading Room.

Regards Pierre - Canada



Thought I would report. Last week in the Trading Room was very informative and is now part of my routine.

Managed to get all set up by following the instructions and am quite chuffed.

I promise not to say this again, but what you have achieved on the complete system, training back-up, chatroom, and team spirit is really quite remarkable.

Keep taking the pills!!

Roy - UK


Hi, Dave,

My friend Chris recommended Black Dog to me and some other friends. We all subscribed. I just wanted to say that I am delighted with your system. It has already paid for itself this week. Combined with it and some knowledge of trading I cannot believe its results.

I was trading EU, cable, and WTI and lost lots, but no more.

Black Dog now almost does the discipline for me!

All the best.



Hi Dave

Just wanted to link up to say thanks for an outstanding program.

Not only the systems but the trading information in general is a boon to me.

I have many 'systems' on the shelf but never before have I had this 'feel good factor' about anything forex related.

Long may it last.

Thanks again,

Dave - Cheshire

The 20's

Subject: Spooky 20's.

Hi Dave, I have now completed 20 trades via Black Dog; the result: 20 times more pips than the previous 20 months trading a system which cost 20 times the price of Black Dog.

To say I'm 20 times more pleased and thankful for the system is however an understatement to the power of 20!

Well done, keep up the good work including the fantastically helpful website.......


Kindest regards

David G - UK

3 beautiful trades

Dave, I probably go on and on about the system too much, but when you've been trying to crack forex for 3 years, and nothing makes sense, it is good news to find a superb system, and a bunch of people genuinely ready to help.

I've not come across this sort of spirit since I left the army. Here I go again!!!

Three trades this morning were beauts.

Roy - UK


Hi Dave,

My name is Carlos from Puerto Rico.

Just to let you know that implementing the use of your filter tactics in my trading was more than worth the investment.

I must say that nothing else I have purchased has had such a positive effect on my trading, including 2 Steve Nison DVD Workshops... simplicity combined with observation are amazingly powerful!


ps Great free downloads too.

Carlos - Puerto Rico


Hi Dave,

I am at a point where I can start using the BD system. Very impressive!

It blows my mind.

The simplicity is stunning!

I am coming from a background of indicators, failures, ad nauseam!!!

Ali - California

Very happy

Hi Dave,

just to send an update of my success with the system, this is my third week, over the last 2 only learning the system as u told me to and decided yesterday to have a go with real money. Had 3 trades yesterday with 2 wins and 1 loss. Today I had 5 trades, 4 wins and one small loss of 7 pips and profit of 58 pips.

The Chat room is great and have learnt more there than all the books on trading I have read over the last couple of years.

You have done a great job Dave with the Black Dog system and now I have first hand experience with profit.

If anyone else were selling this system they would be charging per month what you charge for a lifetime. Again, well done you are a true gentleman. Regards

Tadhg - (Ireland)


Dave, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so verrrrrry, verrrrrrry much for your help today. You introduced me to some very important concepts.

I greatly appreciated the time you took to look at some of my trades and explain things I needed to consider before entering a trade. I will take your good advice.

Dave, when I read the Black Dog manuals I think, "This guy is a genius". After speaking with you, I now know YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!

Plus I just love your sense of humor!!!

Please don't ever change

Until next time - Sherryle - (Dallas)


It has only been a week and a couple of days since I purchased the system and am truly amazed at how it performs.

Better yet is the support that comes with the system. Any problem at all and Dave is on top of it. He spent the better part of an hour helping me get set up correctly and going through some trade set ups.

I will be forever grateful for your insights and support.

Thanks again.

Charlie - (Florida)

Feel good

Hi Dave,

Just wanted to say thanks for your great systems, website, and all of your great information. You really did an outstanding job! It's good to see somebody stand behind their work like you do. I really feel good about this system.

I already made some money and did not feel so much stress.

Thanks again

Dave - (UK)

Doing well

Hi Dave,

Just an update on my newbie trading with the BD program. I managed to take 90 pips yesterday and 56 so far this morning on a demo account though. I'm starting to get to terms with the BD program nicely now and making sure I stick to the rules.



This rocks

Dave, the mini TF ROCKS! What a system!

I think it gives more and better signals than the original BD system. I love it.

Bill - (US)

The Bees Knees

Hi Dave

Have just posted this on the forum but wanted to drop you a personal note. Basically I want to thank you soooo much.

"BD is the Bees Knees" Have just caught over 600 pips on the yen pairs because of the SES entry on BD.

Again I can't thank you and the team enough. Happy trading.

Grant - (UK)

Ticks all the boxes

Hello David,

No sales pitch! I will throw away dozens of systems/strategies/indicators that I have purchased and a lot more and only trade your system. You have compiled a system that not only makes complete sense but given me a Trading Plan with ROCK SOLID rules. David, I just do not know what to say. You have supplied me with a system that I can already see will work for me because it ticks all the boxes where I was unable to tick in any strategy I've used. I can go on and on and on.

Thank you very much - God bless.

Ketan - (UK)

Loving it

Hi Dave,

I love you, I love you, I love you!!!

<;) Ok, I'm sooo loving your BD Mini Trend Finder system! I have just a few more questions.....

LL - (US)


Sorry to bother you as I know you are busy. Firstly, what a great system. Absolutely awesome, it is what I have been trying to do for years - well done.

Excellent Excellent 



Hi Dave

Just wanted to check in and tell you how much I enjoy your KISS system. It does work great and you should be proud of it. 

Can't wait to get back to France and be in the same time zone.

Thanks again for all you have done.



Very happy

Hi Dave,

I must tell you how happy I am with both the BD system and the Mini Trend Finder system. I now favour the MTF and trade it off the 1 hour chart with very good success.

 You have saved me hours and hours of trial and error with various settings on countless indicators and if you put that into terms of money saved, well I don't think I could even begin to quantify it. To you sir, a very sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Roly - (Australia)


Hi Dave

I have been trying to think of the proper wording to use to thank you very very much for the time and patience that you afforded me this morning in helping me to set up your absorbing and brilliant concept for trading forex.

I have tried many systems and been very disillusioned with all of them and felt as though I had been physically robbed but I kept coming back to Black Dog and very glad that I did.

It's very clear that you are an honest, and straight forward type of guy simply by the way you present and explain everything. Everything became a whole lot clearer to me after your help. Again, thank you it is much appreciated and may many winning pips rain down upon you.

Best regards

Dave - Leicester UK

Rocked my boat!

I made the decision to join this program after days of pondering because of past experiences. What I found totally rocked my boat! I was stuck setting up the chart and after I sent an email Dave was on the phone. He sat with me for an hour and proceeded to teach me how it worked.

Here is a man who practices what he preaches. Integrity, the want to see you succeed and the support to back it up. There is no doubt in my mind that I have found the system, after buying 18 or so, that Black Dog is the end of the line and I will at last make a consistent amount of money day by day a little at a time.

Good job Dave - and words cannot thank you enough. Cheers

Stu - Florida

Seems too easy

Dear Dave

I cannot resist the opportunity of telling you how good Black Dog is on the £/$ and £/Y particularly today.

Of course I cannot resist the opportunity of trying to be clever I am using the EMA7 plus a bar for exits and entrances.

However I remain very worried it seems too easy and good to be true.


Harold B - UK

I'm so lucky

Hi Dave:

I love the Yellow Brick Road analogy and the rules part is what tripped me up before but not now. It's great to correspond with you and again, I am so LUCKY to have found your program. Hope you have a great weekend.

Charlie - US

Woo Hooo!!

Hi Dave!!!!

great news in the first day using the blackdog system i did 14 trades 12 winners for a total of 196 pips 2 losing trades of 27 pips for 169 pips to the good side woo hooo!!!!

this fits my style of trading, as to where I live, i'm an over the road truck driver so I trade off of a laptop, but my time off it's usually spent in Iowa, your new friend Steven - US


Hi Dave, thanks for all the help as far as I know i got it up and running looks good did 2 trades already picked up 24 pips on a mini account be looking for alot more hahah!!! thanks again for the help

Steven - US


Hi, I just purchased your Black Dog system and I must admit that so far I'm quite impressed by the elegant simplicity of the system and the honesty of the presentation. Thanks for the indicators and template - works like a charm. 

I caught 20 pips on the GBPCHF this morning even though the price action was extremely choppy. Still only trading with mini lots, but if the pips keep coming so will the cash.

Marius - Norway


I am looking at the chapter on Exits and I just had to say how very much I enjoyed your comments! Your philosophy regarding too many indicators is so true! I have Bollinger Bands, RSI, Slow Stochastics and a thing called Heiken Ashi Smoothed. Dear God, you can't see the wood for the trees! What a revelation it was to look at the 15min EURUSD after I'd finished setting it up! Clear and uncluttered.

Meeting you is doing me the world of good.

Johan - South Africa


Morning again Dave,

At the risk of boring you, as I have said this before, I feel absolutely compelled to comment again.

Your instruction manual, chapter by chapter, is oh so EXCELLENT! Everything is so detailed and you have taken so much care, I don't see how you can want to improve on this!

Really Dave, no one can wish for better. At the risk of now getting personal, to me it comes across like someone writing from the heart, very concerned that the reader will fully understand what you are explaining! I would recommend this to anyone!

Johan - South Africa


Hello Dave,

Thanks for this feedback and for your excellent service and for the very beneficial, logical, and easy-to-understand trading course indeed.

I have studied thoroughly the course material and find it very beneficial and makes a lot of sense to me.

I would like to once again express my appreciation for your excellent service and keep up the excellent work.!

Kind Regards

Eucharist, Malta

It works!

Hi Dave:

I purchased your Black Dog a couple of days ago and tried it live this morning for the first time. It is simple to set up and to understand the trading rules. After setting up Black Dog I also set up your Mini Trend Finder and decided to use it. I was trading 0.50 lots and in a couple of hours was up $360.00 My brokers trading platform went down for a few hours so I closed out the trade I was in to be safe. If I could have stayed in longer my profits would have been more. This is the first program I have used that worked as promised right out of the box. I am looking forward to continued success with your program.

Phil - Mississippi

Very pleased

Hello Dave - Ted here. We just chatted an hour ago... Very happy and pleased with the 'guidance' your system gives me (Black Dog in this case)...(actually the MTF was giving a contrary signal)

Stayed conservative (Black Dog) because of the wild swinging market today. Captured 4 emini s+p points in 4 minutes! This is very good!!! So, paid for the system, traded conservatively, and had fun, (like, a lot) and am ready for the next signal. My main problem is I take money too fast but I'm working with a small account. Hopefully that will change very soon. As I speak I have left about 2 full points on the table and the market is still climbing....make that 4 points now!!! Wow!

Dave, it was a real pleasure talking to you today. I learned a lot from you in that short span of time. I like your idea regarding the MTF. That should work very well over time. Thanks again ever so much!

Ted - Australia


Hi Dave

Just powered up my p c and got your email, thanks for clearing that up Dave i appreciate it... turns out that in the last 2 days of looking at the BD on the 5m TF setting a 10 pip SL and aiming for a 10 pip profit per trade i have had 23 trades and 18 winners so thats about +115 pips profit in 2 days!!!!....BLACK DOG IS INCREDIBLE.

I was wondering if were still on for a skyping session on some live trades as i have a couple of questions still? Cheers Dave

Mike (Chester UK)

A work of genius

Thanks Dave, I've purchased various trading signals from many providers with not much luck. I've studied different trading methods with all types of indicators and I've used different EAs with little positive results. It's nice to have finally got a system that is simple and easy to use. No system is with out error but yours is the best i've ever used so far. My background is in the Fire Service and I've worked as a Fire Captain for 21 years.

I much enjoy your system, it's a work of genius. Keep up the good work.

Best regards

Jeff - N Carolina

One heck of a system

Hi Dave

Just to let you know I introduced Lynn to your system. I am so pleased with your system it earned me 196 pips over a 5 day period:) I could have made more but had to get at least a couple of hours sleep before going to work. I live on the west coast of Canada and trading London times means trading from 11pm until 4am or later. So even having those hours I did better than ever for trading and I just had to share it with others!! I even had a friend, Charles, in Oregon buy it from you.

I do not mind promoting your system at all. in fact I enjoy doing so and I do it with utmost confidence. Dave you have developed one heck of a program thank you!! Many thanks