Setting up your charts in Metatrader 4

Now that we have read all about the Black Dogs we need to be able to see the charts so as to get to know how they work and how we can use them. We can see the indicators and templates for download, but what do we do with them?

For example, let's say that you build a chart of EURUSD using indicators and get it just how you like it, colours, line thicknesses, everything is perfect. Now you'd like the same set up on other currency pairs and maybe even an index or two. It's going to be a long job setting up all those other charts so how do you get around this problem? 

The answer is to save the original chart of EURUSD as a template so that you can apply it to any other chart, currency, index, gold, or whatever you wish. Hence indicators and templates. Metatrader has this capability, and more.

Black Dog makes the templates of each strategy available to you for download, they then need to be able to read the indicators, also for download, so as to create your chart. It's very easy once you get the hang of it.

If there are any indicators for download they will usually be at the end of each module, but not always. Metatrader have altered their procedures for download since Build 600 or 610, I forget which one exactly but it is now much easier. The Black Dog indicators will have the suffix .ex4 or .mq4. Templates have the suffix .tpl

For example:

BD_Crossover_BDv09_02_20.ex4 which is an indicator, or

MTF2.tpl which is a template.

If you follow the steps below you should have no problems.

Don't Panic..!!

Don't go struggling on for any length of time - get in touch (Skype preferred). It's all part of the deal.

Step #1

Black Dog Trader

Simply click on the yellow zip file folder image like this one and it will take you to the download page. Then click on the Download icon as shown on the right and download to the location of your choice. I always download to my desktop cos it's easier to find but it also may be your Download Folder.

The downloads on Black Dog Trader are all zip files, they end with .zip

Black Dog Trader

Metatrader CANNOT read zip files so you will need to extract the indicator or template from the zip file using Winzip or other such software. There is NO NEED to open the files yourself - you just have to place them into the correct folder within Metatrader and let that program read them. Place the unzipped files where you can easily find them. Again, desktop for me.

In the image to the right the Black Dog Basic template is shown on my desktop in zipped then unzipped form.

Same with the Color_ma, zipped then unzipped. The unzipped being on the right-hand side. It is these on the right-hand side that should be placed into the Metatrader folders.

Remember, Metatrader cannot read zipped files, they MUST be unzipped. There are many products on the market for managing zip files with Winzip being the most popular. But they all do a similar job. Zip files are simply compressed, that is all. They take up less space.

Black Dog Trader

Step #2

After you have downloaded the files (and know where they are) the next step is to open your Metatrader then click File in the top left-hand corner and then click Open Data Folder - as per the image below.

Black Dog Trader

After clicking Open Data Folder you will see something similar to the image below.

Any file that ends with .tpl goes into the templates folder.

Any file that ends with .ex4 or .mq4 goes into the MQL4 then Indicators Folder.

Black Dog Trader

Double click on 'templates' and this will open the Templates folder where you can now drag and drop any (unzipped) .tpl file that you have downloaded from the modules of Black Dog. A .tpl file is a template, so it lives in that template folder as shown above. There is no need to open any of these files, they just need to reside in the correct folder so Metatrader can then read them.

Once you have placed the template files into the templates folder click 'Back' using the arrows at the top left corner as seen in the image above. This will bring you back to the image above.

Then double click MQL4, then double click Indicators and drag and drop any (unzipped) .ex4 or .mq4 files anywhere into that window. Make sure that they are there and NOT in a zipped format or they will not work.

Below I have taken some screenshots of my Templates and Indicators folders - yours should be similar but they will not be exactly the same.

Templates Folder

Black Dog Trader

Indicators Folder

Black Dog Trader

That's it..!!  You've done it. Easy peasy lemon squeazy.

Step #3

The next job is to close Metatrader completely and then re-open it. This allows for the changes to take effect in Metatrader. Once it is open again simply click on the Templates button and choose the template that you would like to add to your chart.

Black Dog Trader

Assuming that we downloaded the template and indicators for Black Dog Basic, all we have to do is to open any chart of our choosing, click on the Templates button as shown above and select 'Black Dog Basic' in the drop down list. The template will then do all the work for you in setting up your chart with all the correct settings and the correct indicators. There is nothing else to do now but study your charts!

You should NEVER have to apply individual indicators to your charts if you use the templates button. It does it all for you.

(But please note: with Black Dog Basic the indicator for the Colored channel is not available until Module 2. You will have to add your own channel using the moving average tool in Metatrader. In the top menu click on Insert > Indicators > Trend > click on Moving Average and set the Period to 50 - the MA method to Exponential - Apply to: High - select Style then click OK. Do exactly the same again but with Apply to: Low. This will give you the channel.)

In summary:

1. Download and then unzip the indicators and template.

2. Place them into the correct folders in the File > Open Data Folder in Metatrader.

3. Close, and then re-open Metatrader and then apply the template to your charts. Job done.

Your chart should resemble these:

Black Dog Trader
Black Dog Trader