And a new start! 

Many thanks for dropping by to this (new) Black Dog Trader membership site, and this BDBlog - it's not a new site in the fullest sense of the word, more of a revamped old site with a new membership section and maybe a new design or two. The problems I had with the last site are too many to mention but enough was enough so decided to move.

This site opened at the beginning of August and things are looking better day by day. The training modules are complete with maybe a few tweaks along the way which can be done at leisure. No panic now!

Be sure to read about our Course Contents in the link in the main menu.

This first post will be a short one just to get me into the way of things as regards the blog, and to let you know what is happening.

One thing is for certain, I have really enjoyed putting these modules together and, without doubt, have learned a great deal more about the trading the Dogs as I put things down on 'paper' so to speak. For me, we have the best trading method around and I thank my lucky stars every day when I open up the charts.

The Members area

We will be adding to the members area over the coming months and indeed whenever we have an update to our already powerful strategies so as to keep you trading successfully and providing as much as possible in regards to trading info, our library, tactics, and anything that will assist in our trading.

If there is anything that you would like adding please contact us - but we do not want to be adding other methods, indicators, or systems that are not relevant to Black Dog. One of the main reasons why traders fail is a lack of FOCUS. System-hopping is another. So we will remain loyal to the Dogs.

The Modules

We have 11 modules at time of writing and there are plans for more at a later date. Each of these modules (apart from one) has four info-packed pages which are released automatically every seven days from the time of registering, so be prepared to digest lots of trading info each week.

Everyone MUST start at Module 1 as this lays the foundations for what follows in the rest of the course. Your trading will improve dramatically as you move from module to module which terminates at Module 10. Module 11 is for those who prefer the one-minute time frame but is available to all members. There are plans to make this a pay-per-view at a later date, so grab it now!

As each module becomes available to you we have a new way of looking at the Dogs in a trading sense be it trends, entries, or trade management, so it would be time well-spent to practice what has been learned in each module for those seven days.

Previously, in another incarnation, we had all the info available to the new member all at once which was, to be honest, a recipe for prolonged confusion as there was simply too much info to take in. This has now been rectified with our membership area and no longer happens. 

The Support

Every effort is made to look after our members, we hold them dear. And always have. Many sites, once they have your money, are not interested in your progress. Not so at Black Dog.

We have a good name in trading circles and would like to keep it.

Once you become a member you will have access to private Skype calls at anytime during the trading day and during most evenings too. I am usually at the PC on weekends and will answer any Skype call. (But I do go out occasionally). You may also need Teamviewer should you wish me to view your screen.

And of course e-mail, though Skype is much quicker.

If you would like to trade in a more controlled and disciplined manner then we are always here for you. Click JOIN in the main menu.

If you decide NOT to become a Black Dog member (though I cannot understand why!) let me wish you all the very best with your trading with plentiful pips.


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