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"It's the only thing out there that works ... and I've tried 'em all"  Paul S

"Clearly the best forex system for a retail trader, excellent signals with confluence" BR

Black Dog Trader - formerly Black Dog Forex

A superb training course

Black Dog has stood the test of time. Why? Because it works. Simple. Join us and watch your trading rise to the next level and beyond.

All charts included

Each module incorporates many charts to get the message across in a clear and unambiguous manner. We need to know exactly what we are doing.

Weekly Modules

This is important. By taking one week per module, this gives plenty of time to take in all of the information, and there is plenty of it! No info overload.


Downloads are included for you usually at the end of each module. These are in zip format. Setting up your charts is easy. 

Detailed explanations

As a manual should, we have very detailed explanations of all aspects of our trading methods making it very easy to use Black Dog.

One-time joining fee

The one-off fee covers everything on site including downloads and access to all modules. We have never had up-sells since we started in 2008..!!


Absolutely delighted with the new Black Dog site that you have created, Dave. There is a huge amount of positive info here that, if you absorb the key elements, I'm convinced that you will become a profitable trader.

This site is now my first port of call to inspire my trading. Many thanks for all the work you have to build this invaluable resource.

Alan L


An 'eye-opener'

Afternoon Dave,

well, this is a bit of an eye-opener. I wish I had joined Black Dog a couple of years ago; it would have saved me a lot of heartache, and no doubt a lot of money. Mind you, if I hadn't gone through the difficult times, I probably wouldn't have realised how good your stuff is.


John R




getting to know the system. Grabbed 78 pips total today. One lost of 6 pips only, 5 winners and one lost. Yesterday, 9 trades, 8 winners and 1 lost. Amazing, just amazing. I still have to learn to get out of the market after 6 trades. I need more discipline in that area. Thank you again for the system, I'm XXXXX in the Trading Room.

Pierre M


Black Dog does not include any bells, whistles, flashing lights, or dancing girls.
Just straight shooting.

How to devise your Trading Plan
Trade Management explained
Modules cover ALL aspects of trading
Fully documented material
Tons of clear chart examples
3+ superb and easy-to-use strategies
Plus an excellent scalping strategy for M1
The best support - by Skype if required
Black Dog Trader

Black Dog uses Metatrader 4

If you are serious about your trading then this is for you

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